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What's in my travel bag - skincare & makeup

Oops I did it again!!  I packed too many products. Again! It happens every single year where I promise myself that I will pack only the necessary products but end up packing too many. Does this happen to you too? On the other hand, I think I somehow did good on the makeup.

Products I used today and ootd

Hello my beautiful girls!! How are you today? I am back with another #makeupoftheday and #ootd post. I am currently getting ready (and packing) for our last week of our summer vacation. We are visiting my parents (again) next week and staying with them and we are planning to spend most of our day time at the beach, then in the afternoon we like to dress up and go for drinks with our dearest friends.

Things I love on Sundays

Game of Thrones - my favourite tv-show ever, I mean, if you are not watching this, you should. When I first started watching it, it took me a while to get to used to this kind of plot, I am more of a 'Friends' or 'Sex and the City' or 'How I met your mother' kind of watcher, so it was difficult for me to adapt to this.

Ag Pharm - an introduction to the brand

You know my love for skincare products and my excitement when I discover new brands and products. There are so many brands out there that I haven't tried before and they all come out with new products, it's just too difficult to keep up with all new releases and find the right products for my skin type and those products that will be a staple in my skincare routine, a.k.a. the products my skin loves.

It's a haul - new products

Happy Thursday everyone!! Are you excited for the weekend? Do you have any plans or are you getting ready for your summer vacation?? I am visiting my parents for the weekend, I plan to travel to my hometown tomorrow as soon as I finish work, my hometown is 5 minutes from the beach so spending time in the sun and relaxing will be my only plans this weekend. Life is better at the beach right?